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    Johns Hopkins Award

    Certificate of Achievement to Carmen C. Chimento in recognition of and appreciation for enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities through the application of computing technology.

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    The Aphasiaware© speech enhancement program is like having a physical therapist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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    Achieve progressive speech

    Aphasiaware© has 12 levels, from Vocabulary through Reading and Auditory Comprehension. This allows the user to go as slow or as fast as they choose in their speech development.

What is Aphasiaware

What is Aphasiaware©?

Aphasiaware© is a PC-based software system for aphasia treatment. Aphasia is a partial or total loss of the ability to articulate ideas or to comprehend a spoken or written language as a result of damage to the brain caused by injury, stroke or some other event. Read More

Who is Aphasiaware© designed for?

Who is Aphasiaware© designed for?

The Aphasiaware© program was primarily designed to aid those with aphasia, but has other applications. Speech pathologists, loved ones caring for those with aphasia in their homes, and those using the Aphasiaware© program have given testimonials which are listed on the right below. Read More Reviews


How is Aphasiaware© Successful?

How is Aphasiaware© Successful?

The Aphasiaware© software provides exercises for the development of vocabulary (including Darley's Core Words), spelling, memory, reason and judgment, reading and auditory comprehension and much more. The program outputs audio in a clear, distinct human voice, pronouncing the words associated with displayed graphics. Read More


Aphasiaware® Design Criteria 

From its inception, the concepts behind the design of Aphasiaware© were guided by the following criteria:

1. Graduated Levels Of Difficulty From Vocabulary To Advanced Grammar, Reason And Judgment, Wordfind, Auditory/reading Comprehension, Etc.

2. Interactive Positive And Negative Feedback Reinforcement Using Voicings Of Encouragement

3. Randomly Generated Graphics To Prevent Memorizing Stimuli Placement

4. Clear Crisp Human Voice

5. Exercises Repeatable With No Limits

6. Incorporation Of Design Suggestions From Caregivers And Speech Pathology Community

7. Although aphasia treatment is our primary concern using our speech therapy materials, the same speech therapy materials could be used in assisting remediation of ADD, learning disabilities and many other applications.